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Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse (PMHN)
Parish Nurse (PN)/Faith Community Nurse (FCN)


Melveena D. Edwards is a humble servant of Jesus Christ with a call and passion for serving others in, education, counseling, nursing, and with a belief in caring for people Gods way.  Dr. Edwards is an advocatory leader and affirms in the philosophy of effective leadership exhibiting positive influence and commitment. Melveena has been a nurse for 43 years with a vast background in the nursing practice. She is an ordained clergywoman (overseer/chaplain) who loves the "Word of God."  She has been used in evangelism, pastor/pastoral care, teaching, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Melveena's ministry is primarily geared toward hurting people, the healing and deliverance ministry, the wholistic approach to health and wellness (mind/body/soul) or the Faith Community Nursing (FCN) practice, and equipping other clergies for successful ministries.  Melveena holds 11 earned degrees (two in the science in nursing and nine in seminary/theological studies) Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN) from the University of Phoenix.  She has 17 years of seminary and theological studies. Her highest degree(s) earned Ph.D. in Administration and Organization from the Apostolic University of Grace and Truth of Richmond, IN; 2nd Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Psychology from the Cornerstone University in Lake Charles, LA.

Credentials: Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (SACC)-Certified Pastoral Member, SACC-APS-Certified Therapist/Pastoral Counselor, Board Certified Temperament Counselor/Therapist, National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA)-Board Certified Professional Clinical/Pastoral Member, Board Certified Death and Grief Therapy, Board Certified Crisis and Abuse Therapy, Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor/Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certified,  (SACC)- International Representative/Certified Academic Institution (CAI) for the College of Christian Counseling (providing academic training for certification and licensing in Christian counseling), American Association of  Christian Counselors (AACC)  Membership/Presidential Membership-Silver, (AACC) Certificate in Biblical Counseling, (AACC) Grief Crisis and Disaster Divisional Membership-GCD, (AACC)-International Board of Christian Counselors-Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (IBCC-BCPCC): Good standing as a Christian counselor who serves as a state-licensed mental health professional. Among the vanguard of professional Christian Counselors who exemplify the standards of ethical excellence in practice (July 2007).  Melveena established her own clinical Christian/pastoral counseling practice and is the founder, president, and CEO of two nonprofit Religious Organizations (2000, 2001) with a state and federal 501 (c)(3), which encompass a vision/mission for Christian counseling, education, ministry, and community outreach.   In seminary Melveena was an honor student, earned honors of Summa Cum Laude, distinguished graduate, and valedictorian.   Melveena was inducted into the Honor Society of Nursing: the Omicron Delta Chapter Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) in 2012, and now she is a member with a rewarding connection. STTI is designed for professional, academic achievements/success, and personal commitment/dedication to nursing excellence. STTI is one of the largest and most prestigious nursing organizations in the world.

Acknowledgments & Awards:
(2018) Who's Who In Black Columbus-Fifteenth Edition
"Celebrating African-American Achievement in Columbus, Ohio"
Inducted and featured in 2018 Who's Who In Black Columbus Fifteenth Edition and among many other distinguished leaders. The event: "The Who's Who In Black Columbus 15th Anniversary Awards and Unveiling Ceremony" was held at The Ohio State University-OSU Student Union, Archie Griffin Ballroom on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

(2019) Who's Who In Black Columbus-Sixteen Edition
"Celebrating African-American Achievement in Columbus, Ohio"
Inducted and featured in 2019 Who's Who In Black Columbus Sixteen Edition and among many other distinguished leaders. The event: "The Who's Who In Black Columbus 16th Anniversary Awards and Unveiling Ceremony" was held at The Ohio State University-OSU Student Union, Archie Griffin Ballroom on Monday, July 22, 2019.

Awards & Honor:
(2012) Inducted into the Honor Society of Nursing: the Omicron Delta Chapter-Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), and now she is a member with a rewarding connection. STTI is designed for professional, academic achievements/success, and personal commitment/dedication to nursing excellence. STTI is one of the largest and most prestigious nursing organizations in the world.

(2007-2008) Recognized as an honored member and in the registry of an accomplished individual/ professional/mark of achievement with Cambridge Publishing, Inc. -Who's Who, Uniondale, N.Y., among executives, and professionals in Nursing/health care.

First Scholarship Award:
(1980) Honored by the Black Organization of Registered Nurses (BORN) with a scholarship, and the first recipient to receive this scholarship for nurses from this organization originated in Columbus, Ohio.

General background experience: Melveena has served as an executive administrative director of the theological university, university provost, associate adjunct professor in theological studies, dean of the college(s). She loves to teach on a college level, has designed, and written numerous books, thesis/dissertations, established numerous college courses and curriculum for eight colleges from associate to doctorate degrees.  She has developed numerous educational books, materials, and noted as a Global Authors Registry/Registered Author (RA), is a Consultant for Christian Education Programs (CCEP), and has ACI teaching certification.  Dr. Edwards developed and organized accreditations for several theological universities with an accrediting commission international: namely in 2001, 2005, and 2017, and established one of the university's registry with the State of California as a Religious Exempt Institution by the Bureau for Private and Postsecondary and Vocational Education of Sacramento, California (BPPVE).  She is a (former) American Red Cross (ARC) certified instructor November 1998 (trained to teach Basic and African American HIV/AIDS classes).  Through Gods direction Melveena is the founder, president, CEO, and Chief Executive Director of the Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreached Center, Inc. (LCCOC) and Consultants For Christian Education Programs (CCEP) founded February 1, 2001 (A religious nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation- state and federal status) that encompasses Christian counseling, Christian education, various ministries, and outreach entities: She is also the Founder and President of the Capstone Excelsior University, LLC (CA) (C.E.U.)   Melveena has been instrumental in coordinating and assisting several churches in organizing and establishing a Health Ministry (HM)/congregational health or Faith Community Nursing (FCN) programs.

Registered Nurse/nursing background experience: Dr. Edwards has practiced in numerous areas of nursing some of which include tertiary and quaternary hospitals and community health settings-Medical, Surgical, Pediatrics, Obstetrical, Rehabilitation, Community Health/Public Health Nursing- PHN (public health case management, communicable disease/immunizations, community, and clinic nursing), cancer care- hospice care/oncology/hematology/chemotherapy certification/infusion nursing, occupational health, congregational health/parish nursing/minister of health and wellness or Faith Community Nursing- FCN (completed a Parish Nursing Course at Otterbein College of Westerville, Ohio, August 1998), special training by the Ohio Department of Health in obstetrical nursing and childbirth education/educator, and travel nursing. Nursing Specialty: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing-PMHN encompassing forensic milieus, immediate supervisor for psychiatric hospital, correctional juvenile nursing, inpatient psychiatric units/milieu, psychiatric emergency room-Psych ED, psychiatric/mental health administration: clinical nurse manager, house nursing supervisor, clinical program director of acute care services - for child, adolescent/residential training center, and adult-geriatric of a psychiatric hospital, Director of Nursing-DON for adolescent psychiatric hospital. Most recent position: healthcare organization specializing in Utilization Review, Managed Care, Medical Claims Review Nurse, and Care Review Clinician II Inpatient Behavioral Health - (CRC II).  Educational Goals: NCCA Diplomat Clinical Supervisor; and pursuing other counseling certifications.

Most of all Melveena loves the Lord, her primary ministry aim and mission is to win souls for Christ, and to be used in the advancement/upbuilding of God's Kingdom:

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper
and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
III John 2

~ Overseer of Organizations ~
Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreach Center, Inc.•LCCOC
(Consultants for Christian Education Programs •CCEP)
Capstone Excelsior University, LLC (CA) •CEU
Melveena D. Edwards Ministries, LLC • MDEM, LLC




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T.O.P. Ministry:  T.O.P. -The olive Press promoting hope, encouragement, empowerment, education, wholistic approach to health and wellness (mind, body, spirit) for a hurting world.

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Melveena is an advocate for the suffering in all humanity.  Bring healing and deliverance to a hurting world.  T.O.P. (The olive Press) Ministries, LLC has been established to help individuals rise to the T.O.P.-that nothing can S.T.O.P. (success, triumph, opportunities, power)!  T.O.P. - The olive Press symbolizes, a process of any life event or catalyst constituting a learned behavior that produces the substance for positive change and empowerment through endurance and experience.  The derivative of the substance produced originates from the-planted seed, the roots and fatness, growth of the olive tree, natural branches of peace, and vines that bear [produce, yield, or endure] the olive fruit, catapulting power manifested by the flow of oil [the anointing] glorifying God.

"LIFE ON T.O.P. and NOTHING CAN S.T.O.P.  (Success, Triumph, Opportunities, Power)!"


"NOTHING CAN S.T.O.P. LIFE ON T.O.P.  (Success, Triumph, Opportunities, Power)!"


T.  -     The
O. -     Olive
P.  -     Press


S. -      Success                                                                                                                       
T. -      Triumph                               
O. -     Opportunities
P. -      Power 



•Author • Public Speaker • Registered Nurse • Faith Community Nurse/Nursing—FCN •
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• Christian Educator • Associate Adjunct Professor



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T.O.P.-The Olive Press Ministries

Melveena D. Edwards Ministries• T.O.P-The Olive Press

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