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Author: Melveena D. Edwards, Ph.D.

Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication Date: January 16, 2019

Language: English

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Book Length: 196
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Overview | About the Book:

Overview:  The Paradoxical Union: Category: Novel | Fiction (Spiritual Short-Story) with Religion/Inspirational message | Family & Relationships/Divorce:  Manhattan, New York City Borough, primary setting beginning in the 1980s The Paradoxical Union, follows the life of the main character named Paris Hope who powers through multiple trails, tribulation, and challenges growing up, then as a young woman enters a relationship seemly created by heaven, but they were from opposite worlds. Instead, Paris soon learns that she entered into unhealthy and toxic matrimony that leads to a sheer pit of hell. The union gradually augments to an intertwined subtle ploy, extensive abuse, mental cruelty, aggression, and domestic violence. The character Paris has a loving spirit. She is intellectual, ambiguous, classy and has big aspirations and dreams, but; becomes stripped "TO her joy,"—but not stripped of it. After devastating struggles and traumatization fostered by the twisted union, she finds a way "TO" escape finding survival through faith, shaping who she'd become, and accomplishing her dreams. Paris' intimate partner is a community, national and global figure who is self-exalted, grandiose and breeds narcissism. Dr. Melveena D. Edwards the author and therapist, is the narrator of this short-story who has the birds-eye-view of all the goings-on from the perspective of Paris.  Dr. Edwards is the outsider looking into Paris' life as she pauses, revisits, and sojourns to impart her experience regarding the severe social epidemic issue of abusive and violence culture that plagues our society today. Paris shares her "must tell all" story to help and motivate someone. In so telling the story, Dr. Edwards is educational and shares vital facts promoting awareness.


Author's Biography:

Melveena D. Edwards, R.N., B.S.N., B.A., Th.M., M.C.E.-C.C., D.D., Ph.D., D.C.E., D.C.C., D.Min., Ph.D., N.C.C.A.-L.C.C.C./L.C.P.C.-A.C.: the author of The Paradoxical Union —is a loving, compassionate, and humble servant of Jesus Christ.  She is highly passionate about serving others, her ministry, and her leadership that is fully committed to helping individuals who are hurting and recovering from a traumatic relationship. She is the founder, president, CEO, and entrepreneur of the Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreach Center, Inc., Capstone Excelsior University, LLC, and Melveena D. Edwards Ministries, LLC. She is an ordained clergywoman, N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor/Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certified, S.A.C.C. International Representative, professor of theological studies, and registered nurse. Possesses 43-years in the nursing practice, and 30 years in ministry.  Educational Background: she holds 11 earned degrees (science in nursing and theology) —Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of Phoenix. Nursing Expertise: psychiatric/behavioral health, community, and administrative nursing. She has 17 years of seminary and theological studies. The highest degree(s) earned: Ph.D. in Administration and Organization from the Apostolic University of Grace and Truth of Richmond, IN; 2nd Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Psychology from Cornerstone University of Lake Charles, LA. Dr. Edwards is grateful to God for the opportunity and platform comprised of life-experience-sharing, with a premise of helping someone.  Her spiritual movement: T.O.P., proclaims a unique mission that God can raise you to "Life on T.O.P. and nothing can S.T.O.P." (affirming after THE olive PRESS, will proceed, Success, Triumph, Opportunities, Power); comprised with a renewed supernatural spiritual level in God!  By faith, the renewal facilitates spiritual empowerment!  Today, her global charge and commitment are "empowering God's people" through authorship, public speaking, counseling, education, and community nursing. She currently resides in Galena, Ohio.  She is a proud mother; grandmother; has a host of beloved family members, and friends. Website:

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