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Author:  Melveena D. Edwards, PhD

T.O.P. || The olive Press Ministries, LLC


Promoting hope, encouragement, empowerment, education, with a wholistic approach to health and wellness (mind, body, spirit) for a hurting world.


Our mission is to bring healing and deliverance to a hurting world whereby establishing an effective process to help individuals rise to the T.O.P. that nothing can S.T.O.P. (success, triumph, opportunities, power)! 

Platform Description: 

Melveena is an advocate for the suffering in all humanity. T.O.P. |*| The olive Press S.T.O.P. (success, triumph, opportunities, power), symbolizes a process of any life event or catalyst constituting a learned behavior that produces the substance for positive change and empowerment through endurance and experience.  The derivative of the substance produced originates from the-planted seed, the roots and fatness, the growth of the olive tree, natural branches of peace, and vines that bear [produce, yield, or endure] the olive fruit, catapulting power manifested by the flow of oil [the anointing] glorifying God.


"LIFE ON T.O.P. and nothing can S.T.O.P. (success, triumph, opportunities, power)!"


"NOTHING CAN S.T.O.P. life on T.O.P. (success, triumph, opportunities, power)!"


T. -  The
O. -  Olive
P. -   Press
S. -   Success
T. -   Triumph
O.-   Opportunities
P. -   Power


 • Author • Public Speaker • Registered Nurse • Faith Community Nurse/Nursing—FCN •

• Ordained Clergywoman • Licensed Clinical Christian/Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certified •

• Christian Educator • Associate Adjunct Professor •


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Melveena D. Edwards Ministries, LLC

(a.) T.O.P.-The Olive Press Ministries
(b.) Melveena D. Edwards Ministries • T.O.P.-The Olive Press
(c.) Melveena D. Edwards • T.O.P.-The Olive Press Ministries
(d.) MDEM, LLC

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