Question: Are you experiencing a press out of measure propelled by life circumstances, emotional wounds, heartache, levels of pain, human sufferings, or stemming from your gifts, and divine call?

Question: Do you understand the will of God for your life as it relates to the divine process, your purpose, and destiny?

My Thoughts: Whether you are afflicted from the cost of the endowment bestowed upon you by God, or from the sheer anointing upon your life, it is for your empowerment, comfort, consolation, and salvation. There is a process for divine purpose in YOUR LIFE!

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April Blog,

Topic: Sufferings and Endurance

Title: T.O.P.—The Olive Press

Inspirational Connection:

T.O.P.—The Olive Press imparts helping interventions for God's people in a hurting world experiencing pain, pressures, sufferings, or distresses, by turning these elements into power. A highly inspirational memoir by author Melveena D. Edwards who exposes intricate levels of her personal life, feelings, pain, pressures, and sufferings endured.

T.O.P.—offers hope, healing, encouragement, and empowerment through Biblical counsel by delving into areas of life truths. Based on the premise of Biblical principles, and the "Word of God," Dr. Edwards proclaims that this book will illuminate thinking as she parallels the life of an olive with the anointing power—and asserts that no matter the cost for the anointing, you will reap divine benefits.

After reading this book individuals will understand and gain knowledge regarding:

  • Typology of the olive and olive oil as it relates to the anointing
  • Godly principles that will facilitate heighten empowerment for the believer or minister
  • Dimensions of healing, health, wellness, and wholeness 

Scripture: II Corinthians 1:8  

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Dr. Edwards~

Edwards, M. E. (2015). T.O.P. THE olive PRESS The Cost For The Anointing Power! Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse. USA.

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