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- Christian Author|Public Speaker Website Launching: | April 2018

- New Book Release: The Paradoxical Union | Publication Date: January 16, 2019  

- Books in Local Public Libraries in Central Ohio: Books Entitled, T.O.P. THE olive PRESS and The Paradoxical Union | March 2019       

- LA Times, Festival of Books—Book Signing Event: April 13th & 14th 10:00 AM | University of Southern California —USC, university park campus, Los Angeles, CA | April 2019

- Press Release by Authors Press | Pittsburg, CA | April 2019. Link: PRESS RELEASE           

- Book Signing Event—Barnes & Noble: April 20th, 1-3:00 PM | Polaris Parkway Mall, Columbus, Ohio | April 2019    

- AuthorHouse –BOOKMAD | Bookmad Digital Magazine Post, included in a listing on Bookmad (under Authorhouse Books) for the book entitled: The Paradoxical Union.  The book is featured on BookMad Digital Magazine – April 2019 Issue. Link:  BOOKMAD

- Book Signing Event—Who's That Lady (WTL) Conference | Seattle, WA | May 2019

- Book Signing Event—S.H.E. Advocacy | Columbus, Ohio | June 2019

- New Book Coming Soon: T.O.P.- THE olive PRESS Workbook Edition | Fall 2019

-Book Signing Event—by At The Table, Inc. organization in Partnership with OSU | Columbus, Ohio | October 19, 2019, Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness Presentation, Live Panel Discussion, Book Signing, Theme T-Shirts | OSU, The Hale Black Cultural Center at 11:30 AM. Link: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE AWARENESS MONTH  | Link: to order  MALE & FEMALE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE AWARENESS T-SHIRTS


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Share, Have a Voice and be Heard

Question: Are you experiencing a press out of measure propelled by life circumstances, emotional wounds, heartache, levels of pain, human sufferings, or stemming from your gifts, and divine call? Question: Do you understand the will of God for your life as it relates to the divine process, your purpose, and destiny? My Thoughts: Whether you are afflicted from the cost of the endowment bestowed upon you by God, or from the sheer anointing upon your life, it is for your empowerment, comfort, consolation, and salvation. There is a process for divine purpose in YOUR LIFE! Blog with me, and share YOUR thoughts..... Read More

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